Markua Support
a Google Docs Add-on

Do you write books on Leanpub? Use Google Docs instead and use the Markua Support add-on to help you.

Markua Support Screenshot


Leanpub's Markua language provides features such as "aside", "blurb", etc. This syntax can be difficult to remember and distracts from writing a book. Click a butto to insert specific snippets!

Text Formatting

Formatting text can be difficult. For example, **bold** formats as a bold text whereas ____bold, italic and underline____ turns text into bold, italic and underline . With the Markua Support add-on, simply use Google Doc's bold, italic, etc. formatting as you usually would.


When you're ready to preview or publish your book, simply click a button to convert your Google Doc to Markua, then click another button to copy the text and paste it into the Leanpub online editor- done.

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